About DaBec International

We have been married for 27+ years, have two children and two (living) grandchildren. David was a pastor for 12+ years, plays the drums, and is an accomplished cabinet maker and finish carpenter. Becki is a mom, Poppi (grandma), homemaker, VA, (not-so-professional) organizer, and accomplished musician and singer. We are committed to helping and empowering others to reach their full potential, whether spiritually, financially, or physically. We enjoy traveling, reading, and sharing the many experiences in our lives ~ both good and bad ~ that can potentially help someone else to overcome or endure.

Infographic: It’s All About the Images!


I’ve talked a lot about image marketing, and today I ran across this great infographic that I wanted to share with you. It just corroborates the fact that image marketing is your meat and potatoes! You can view the original … Continue reading

Learn How to Use Fiverr.com for Extra Income


Fiverr.com is a great platform for showcasing your talents. It’s a fabulous way to earn some extra income just for providing services to others who are looking for your particular skill. Take a look at this presentation about fiverr.com to … Continue reading