Think You Can ~ Think You Can’t ~ You’re Right

bicycle for your mind

What you think you can do, you can do. What you think you can’t do, the same applies. We must not beat ourselves up because we fail. Failure is actually the precursor to success. Just keep trying!

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Why Being Content With YOU Is Important!


Are you always trying to please others, or are you content with who and what you are? Do you feel the need to constantly look for a better road to follow? Learn how to stay in the lane you were given and make you the best you you can possibly be! You have greatness within you that you might not even know!

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Can’t Find the Perfect Webgraphic? Create Your Own!


If you’ve ever searched for images for your blog posts before, you understand that sometimes it’s just too hard to find exactly what you want. Or, if you do find it, you probably shouldn’t use it due to copyright. Well, here’s some info on creating your own webgraphics and images. Check it out!

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6 Steps to Expert Content Marketing ~ #6 Promote


The last step in the process of expert content marketing is to promote the content you’ve created! This post explores what that means and some of the different avenues you can use to get the information out to your target market.

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6 Steps to Expert Content Marketing ~ #5 Create


Step number 5 in our Expert Content Marketing series is to create your content. You’re focused, know who your target audience is and what they want to know, and you have positioned yourself as the expert. It’s time to give your audience the information they are asking for!

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6 Steps to Expert Content Marketing ~ #4 Medium


Discovering the medium in which your target market most consumes their content, is paramount to your success as an online marketer. If you will utilize that form of communication with your audience, you will gain greater engagement from them.

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6 Steps to Expert Content Marketing ~ #3 Position

stack of books

In order to position your content, you need to position yourself as an expert in your field. Read, watch, and listen to those you want to emulate, and implement your knowledge by teaching others.

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