How to Make Your Market Research Work

do your research

Do your research!

How important is research?

Short answer is…VERY IMPORTANT!

Here is another great article that I ran across explaining five major areas of research that are crucial to helping you build your business, whether on the Internet or not.


Being an entrepreneur , we need to earn from what we offer, right? To do that, we need to make our client buy. But, how can we make our client buy if they do not want to buy what we offer them in the first place? You need to know what exactly will convince them to do business with you. For that, you will need to get good B2B leads. And, how will you do that? By doing a marketing survey . After all, you will need the information about these business prospects if you want to understand what makes them buy. You need to do it correctly. Here’s how:

  • Determine your target audience – remember, you are conducting a survey so that you can figure out how to best reach out to the main decision-makers. What you say or offer to them will depend on just how accurate the information that you will get from your market research is. That is why it is important that you choose your subjects well. Knowing what your customers need will help solve sales concerns. All that’s left for you to do is to work on the business information that you are able to obtain.
  • Pick your method – when conducting a market survey, you need to choose the most ideal communication method to use. This will figure out whether you can get more b2b leads or not. Aside from that, the prospects and subjects you wish to contact have different preferences of being contacted. For some, they might prefer e-mails, others can ask the help of a telemarketing service provider, while there are still those who opt to be invited to business events or talks. You just need to choose the best way to communicate.
  • Ask the right questions – in order to maximize the business data that you can glean from your surveys, you need to ask the right questions. Opt for more open-ended questions; let your subjects speak more freely. The information you glean from your talks will show business data that you can use in improving yourself. Just take note to thank them after the interview.
  • Check at the location – focus on what demographics you should cover in your surveys. Knowing who could be your prospect B2B leads can be a great help in determining how to reach out to them. Different age groups and genders have different tastes, values, and preferences that should be noted when someone wants to conduct a survey about them. You have to craft your means of communicating with them based on what you know will best grab their attention.
  • Testing the materials – ask trusted colleagues, friends, and even family members to review your survey materials for clarity and appropriateness. See to it that the questions themselves are free from bias or suggestions that can skew the results of your survey . Try doing a dry run with someone. From there, you can figure out if you need to make more improvements or change the handling of the survey .

How successful your marketing survey will depend on how you manage the campaign itself. Still, if you follow the five steps , then your campaign will be successful .


Don't forget the research!

Since it is very important to our bottom lines that we are successful in reaching our target market with our products/services, take a moment to ensure that you’ve done your best research in order to reach your target.

“To aim is not enough – you must hit!” ~German Proverb


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