This page sports a list of the opportunities we have researched and are using as streams of income. Please note that this is just the beginning. As we continue to explore, this list will grow with time.


Internet Marketing is comprised of many different areas, and this first opportunity covers all of them in a very concise manner that will have you earning money very quickly, if you apply the simple steps on a daily basis.

Empower Network

Empower Network – Provides a turnkey traffic and lead capture solution built into the very essence of the internet – content creation. Setting up capture pages, configuring blog plugins, and spending hundreds of hours customizing designs are not the real ‘money getting’ activities that new entrepreneurs should be focused on, so Empower Network simplifies the entire process – from sales conversions, lead capture, and getting lots and lots of traffic into a turnkey sales performance solution.

Please feel free to take a peek at our Empower Network Blog.



Affiliate Marketing is a huge piece of the IM world, and one where you can truly add to your income by utilizing this opportunity. Thousands of companies across the Internet have discovered affiliate marketing as a way to increase their sales. If you think about it, we do this on a daily basis anyway. You shop somewhere, and based on your experience you tell someone about it. If it’s a good experience, you recommend your friends shop there too, right? Of course! So, here are some great affiliate companies to explore.


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Dani Johnson has instructed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world on how to make millions of dollars. The mountain of continuous testimonies from clients that pour in on her website, Facebook page, and through the mail, speak for themselves: her simple and practical methods work.


If you struggle with creating content for blogs, webinars, articles, auto-responder messages, info products, etc., consider using PLR material. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This content can be purchased and repurposed for your own particular use, and you can even brand it as your own in most cases. The MLM PLR Store is owned and operated by our good friend and colleague, Nicole Cooper, and is a fabulous resource for many different niches. Here you will find the highest quality content on the web!